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Christmas Catering Menu

Pickup on Sunday December 24th at 5pm


(Please ignore the date Toast assigns you for your order, pickup will be on the 24th)


Chiles en Nogada - 12"x10" pan   $24

Sweet savoury stuffed pepper with walnuts, crema & pomegranates

7 Fishes Seafood Salad - 2 quarts   $38

Traditional Italian celebration with beans, celery and a mix of 7 shellfish and fish 

Clam Bread - 1/2 loaf   $24

Chopped clams with garlic-lemon butter on bread

Shrimp Cocktail - 1 dozen   $28

With lemon and cocktail sauce 

Holiday Salad - 12"x10" pan   $26

Salad of pears, walnuts, blue cheese, pomegranates with mustard vinaigrette



Roasted Duck - 1 whole duck   $70

Long cooked LI pekin duck with red cabbage & potatoes

Lasagne - 12"x10" pan   $72

Baked pasta of 3 meat Bolognese sauce, bechamel and cheeses

Braised Brisket - 12"x10" pan   $70

With onion gravy & carrots


Christmas Baccala - 12"x10" pan   $76

House cured cod, stewed with tomato & olives, accompanied by polenta 



Pear, Almond & Sour Cherry Pie - 9" pie   $29

Pears, almonds & dried sour cherry pie with a crumb topping

Maple Pie - 9" pie   $28

Maple flavored custard

Salvadorean Quesadilla -   $24

Salvadorean sweet-savoury cheese bread with sesame seeds

Trifle   $32

Layers of gingerbread and butterscotch pudding with pears and citrus

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