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Happy Hour Drinks
Tuesday-Friday 4-6pm


Provence Rosé

Red/White Sangria

Industrial Arts Metric Pilsner Draft

QNSY Cosmo/Mojito




Rhubarb 75 

Vinho Verde

Cotes du Rhone


Sunday Beer Draft

Sour Cherry Shrub (NA)

Passionfruit-Ginger Soda (NA)

Athletic IPA Non-Alcoholic Beer (NA)

Happy Hour Snacks

Garlic clam bread    6

With chopped clams & garlic Parmesan butter.

Chaat Chex mix   6

Spiced nuts, pretzels, crispy chickpeas & lentils.

Chips and dip   6

Cassava, potato, plantain, sweet potato chips with house-made French onion dip.

Edamame    6

With Japanese 7-spice (contains sesame)

Shishitos    6

Blistered shishito peppers with sea salt. Most peppers are mild, but a few will really zing - no way to tell until you bite

Oysters    3/each

Widow's Hole (NY) oysters on the half shell with cocktail sauce

Hot Dog    4

One grilled Pat Lafrieda hot dog, 100% beef

Pizza Square    2

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