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Brunch Drinks

Mimosa    11

Peach Bellini    12

Blood Orange Mimosa    12
Bloody Mary    12

Bloody Reaper    13

Carolina Reaper spicy!

Bloody Maria    14
With tequila

Smoky Maria    14
With mezcal

Red Snapper    13
With gin

Virgin Mary    8
A bloody shame

Michelada    9
Beer, lime, tomato and hot sauce

Chelada    9

Beer, lime

Mimosa Pitcher    55

Bellini Pitcher    60

Bloody Mary Pitcher    70

Shrimp cocktail    17

Half dozen poached shrimp with lemon & cocktail sauce.

Soup of the day    10

Garlic clam bread    9

With chopped clams & garlic Parmesan butter.

Chips & dip    9

Cassava, potato, plantain, sweet potato chips with house-made French onion dip.

Oysters    24

Half dozen Widow's Hole oysters on the half shell with cocktail sauce.

Burrata salad    19

With grilled peaches, plums, grilled corn, mint, basil, spiced honey & toast.


Squash fondue    14

Spaghetti squash, ham, mushrooms, fontina, taleggio, pickles.


Blistered shishito peppers with sea salt    11

Most peppers are mild, but a few will really zing - no way to tell until you bite.

Halloumi & mushroom skewer    18

Grilled cheese cubes & mushrooms served with hummus and za'atar pita chips (sesame).

Endive & fava salad    16

With lemon, mint & Pecorino cheese.


Heirloom tomato salad    20

With cherry tomatoes, mint, basil, mozzarella cheese, crispy prosciutto, balsamic tarragon oil, purple quelite.


Green salad with sherry vinaigrette    13

Mix of salad greens dressed with sherry vinaigrette.


Mushroom Cavatelli    21

With butternut squash, oyster & crimini mushrooms, chestnut purée, white wine & parmesan, garnished with fried sage & lemon-ricotta cheese.

Rigatoni alla Norma    20

With tomatoes, eggplant, capers, basil, mozzarella, chili flakes.


Linguine with shrimp & chorizo    24

Linguine pasta with chorizo, shrimp and tomatoes.

Fusilli with lamb sausage & fava beans    23

With lamb sausage, fava beans, mint, tomato sauce & Pecorino cheese.

Hanger steak    37

Pepper-crusted 12oz steak served with horseradish vinaigrette, fingerling potatoes, roasted onions, & pickled cherry peppers.

Skate    26

Cornmeal crusted skate with pomegranate-brown butter & collard greens.

Vegetable Plate    21

Choose 4 sides from the following:

Rainbow carrots & hazelnuts - Charred broccoli rabe - Fennel a la Greque - Beets with tarragon - Potato salad - Butternut squash purée - Tahini-lime broccoli with peanuts - Potato gratyin - Szechuan bok choy - Brown rice - Hand cut French fries

Shrimp skewer & two sides    21

Grilled shrimp, peppers & onion. Served with two sides of your choice.

Pork carnitas & two sides    23

Mexican-style slow-roasted pork. Served with two sides of your choice.

Roasted jerk chicken & two sides    20

Two pieces of dark meat chicken seasoned with Jamaican jerk spices.  Served with two sides of your choice.

Fillet 'o fish sandwich    18

Panko-crusted hake on potato bun with LTO, American cheese & tartar sauce with fries.

Veggie burger with chips    17

House-made veggie burger served with special sauce & root vegetable chips.

Cheeseburger with fries    18

5oz patty with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, special sauce, & fries. 

Pizza    17

8" square pan pizza with your choice of toppings - Hawaiian, pepperoni, vegan pepperoni, supreme and more.

Chocolate pudding    10

Served with whipped cream and puffed corn.

Corn creme brulée    9

Ice Cream

From Adirondack Creamery.

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