The Q Home Office
*closed* until August 9th!

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Do you need somewhere to work during the week? Would you like to get away from home to be productive in a tranquil, pleasant environment?


The Q can help you out! 


We're opening up our space during the day from Monday to Friday to allow a limited number of people to work here.


You can sign up on a daily basis, no further commitment necessary, and we'll provide tea and coffee and lunch!

We will assign your seating at socially distanced locations throughout the restaurant. Each station will be sanitized before and after every use.

The Queensboro Home Office

Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

The cost is $25/day.

Your food options will be a choice of Chef Tony's daily lunch options!


Wraps, salads, sandwiches, pasta, shrimp skewers, grain bowls - the menu will vary but that will give you an idea of what we will feature.


Interested in this? Click below and book it! Please make sure that you're booking for one guest, otherwise the "Indoor Office" option won't be visible.


If you have any questions send an email to