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Work at The Queensboro's Home Office!

Do you need somewhere to work during the week? Would you like to get out of your home to get some work done in a tranquil, pleasant environment? Maybe The Q can help you out! We're going to open up our space during the day from Monday to Friday to allow a limited number of people to work from here. You can sign up on a weekly basis, no further commitment necessary, and we'll provide tea and coffee and lunch! We will assign your seating at several socially distanced locations throughout the restaurant. Each station will be sanitized before every use. It's a restaurant, so we can't guarantee complete silence during the day - there are deliveries taking place, occasional repairs and things like that going on, but nothing too loud, you'll be able to sit in comfort and relative peace while you work (or compulsively refresh news sites to see what strange things are going down).  The Queensboro Home Office Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm $100/week, includes coffee and/or tea, lunch, access to wifi and electricity. This week we will be closed on Monday so we will prorate the fee. Your food options will be a choice of Chef Tony's daily lunch options! Wraps, salads, sandwiches, grain bowls - the menu will vary but that should give you an idea of what we will feature. Interested in this? Click below and we will see you next week! If you have any questions send an email to


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