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Wednesday the 18th - El Clasico

Dear neighbors, dear soccer fans, we are very excited that the most important day of the most important sport ever is next Wednesday, when Barcelona and Real Madrid face off for the first time this season, on Barcelona's home turf, at 2PM EST.

There are many other teams in this sport, and there are many other sports, all with their rivalries and histories, and yes we are sure that they are very interesting. However, it is undeniable - and perhaps even proven by science - that they all pale in comparison to this long, bitter, heart wrenching clash that for generations has torn families apart, destroyed friendships, caused numerous deaths, and is probably responsible for several wars.

It's a beautiful thing, it's a beautiful game, and next Wednesday when we open our doors at 1:30, we will be serving beer and other great drinks at happy hour prices until 7PM, and $12 pizzas, and we will be showing the game on our big screen.

The match is at an awkward time of day for us here in the US, so we suggest that you lay the groundwork early to be able to call in sick on Wednesday. We hope that you will do everything that it takes to watch this match, and we would love it if you were to watch it with us.

El Clasico at The Q - 2PM Wednesday December 18th

What else is happening on Wednesday? We mentioned the $12 pizzas which we'll have available all evening, and it is our board game night as well! Stick around until 6:30 when the fine folks from Shenanigans NY come by to set up their 50+ board games for you to try!

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