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Wednesday's Wine Deal!

When it's hot, you drink rosé!
When it's hot, you drink rosé!

It's October and it's 90 degrees. We don’t have to like it, but we can do something about it. Plant a tree? Great idea! Bike instead of drive? Stellar! Support public policy changes? Absolutely! But those are all long game solutions, what about today with the sweat beading on our collective brows? Put on some crisp linens and head over to The Q for some icy cold rosé wine!

Tonight we’ll be pouring $8 glasses of crisp French and Austrian rosés and offering 25% off all bottles of rosé, regardless of their national origin. It won’t save the planet, but it may just save your Wednesday night.

Thursday at 8:30, Bringing Down the House!

Another Thursday, another chance to hear some great local musicians at The Q! This week we have yet another new band playing, called "Bringing Down the House", and while we hope they won't wreck the joint we do look forward to them figuratively wrecking the joint!

You can check them out here, and if you fancy coming along please do make a reservation!

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