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We Are Open on Labor Day

Party like it's 1894

Dear friends and neighbors, we will be open on Monday from 4-9PM, and we'll be serving a casual menu with burgers, ribs, hot dogs, and other delicious, casual dishes. If you want to hang out in our backyard area you can bring a lawn chair and enjoy the great Jackson Heights outdoors!

We were wondering what all the fuss about Labor Day was, so we did some research. We discovered that it became an official Federal holiday in the United States in 1894, but without Twitter how did the president at the time announce it? That is a mystery.

It turns out that the ominously-named Knights of Labor were involved in the creation of the holiday, so perhaps there was a cavalry charge across the nation, with banners and lances, and pitched battles against union busters while families watched the proceedings and ate grilled raccoon and drank mead.

We won't have raccoons or mead but our delicious beers and cocktails will be flowing freely and Chef Tony's holiday menu will be as delicious as our regular fare, so if you are around please come by and say hi!

THURSDAY - The Battle Brothers!

Following Thursday's excellent Queensboro debut of Vinny and the Unknowns, we're rolling with another new crew this coming Thursday, and these guys are also locals. Please come by to see The Battle Brothers Band: James Battle on bass; Jameel Battle guitar and Amit Shamir on drums. They will be playing Soul/Jazz Classics and tasteful originals.

If you're coming, you should book a table!

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