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Upcoming Events

Debate Watch Party Tuesday 8PM

Hello fellow lovers of the democratic process! We're excited about the upcoming debate on Tuesday, hopefully it will narrow the field down somewhat and we'll be able to move ahead with the process of enjoying another controversy-free election! Some people think that the roots of western democracy lie in the ancient Greek civilization, but a bunch of men in robes talking non-stop makes for boring TV so we elect (!) not to believe that.

The debate starts at 8PM, if you're going to come you should make a reservation to get a good seat!


The Cold Club of Queens on Thursday!

We're really looking forward to the music on Thursday. The Cold Club of Queens are back, and these lovable rascals will bring their unique version of Django-inspired Jazz to The Q at around 8:30. If you've heard them before you'll know how much fun they are, and if you haven't we highly recommend you come along to check them out!

Reservations, as always, are suggested.

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