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This Is What 630 Meals Looks Like

Dear friends and neighbors, we hope that you are well.

We wanted to talk a little about some of the efforts that we've been taking part in to help reduce the damage that the pandemic is causing to our communities.

We've been working with World Central Kitchen by feeding healthcare workers, over the past few weeks we've delivered thousands of meals to Elmhurst and North Central Hospitals, but the focus of that organization is changing and we are happy that now we are also helping them provide complete meals to people who live in our neighborhoods who don't have a source of income right now.

Yesterday we delivered 630 meals to N.I.C.E. who distributed them directly to people who hadn't had a proper meal in a long time. We will continue to do so as long as we can and is necessary.

We're also working with the Covid Care Neighborhood Network and Queens Together who are delivering groceries to people who cannot afford them right now. They are very well-run and really effective at getting supplies to those who need them and we're happy to help make that a little bit easier for them to do.

It's clear to us that these are extraordinary times which require everyone to step up and help out as much as they can, we are proud to be working with such great organizations who refuse to let our neighbors go hungry.

Family Meal - Green Harissa Chicken

Baba ganoush with pita bread

Green harissa chicken - spicy grilled wings with couscous and shakshuka

Chocolate croissant pudding

(Mostly gluten-free except for the pita bread and the couscous)

Our family meals feed 2-3 adults, or a family of maybe 5 or 6 people total.


More Food!

We have lots of other food for you to order or add on to your meal, such as chicken noodle soup, ratatouille tart, fresh green salads and much more!

Check our menu for details.


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