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The Queensboro is Turning 1!

Can you believe it's been almost a year?

How time flies! It feels like only yesterday that we opened our doors and now here we are, celebrating our first anniversary. 

Our official opening date last year was June 1st, so we're going to be celebrating during the week leading up to that day. We're very grateful to everyone who has been to The Q over the past year, so we have planned a slew of fun events for that week, where every day we'll be giving back a little something or other.

Take a gander!

Our anniversary week!

Where to begin? Let's start with...

Tuesday May 28th: $10 pizzas and 1/2 off bottles of wine!

Wednesday May 29th: All of our delicious (mostly Queens-based) draft beers will be $5 all night!

Thursday May 30th: How about we offer a raw bar that night? And what if we were to top that off with a $20 bottomless glass of rosé? It will be a good Thursday.

Friday May 31st: Happy hour for everyone until 7pm!

And since Saturday June 1st is our official anniversary, we thought we'd show the Champion's League final and drink all day, but our lawyers told us not to do that, so we will instead show the Champion's League final at 3PM and offer wings and pizza specials and birthday cake after the match. 

We love you all, and we would love it if you came to celebrate with us on one or more of those days!

Further ahead in time:

Queens Pride - on June 2nd celebrate pride day with us after the parade! Council Member Danny Dromm was one of the founders of the parade, he is doing wonderful work representing us in City Hall, and we are happy to join in the festivities!

Women's World Cup - this will take place between June 7th and July 7th, and we will certainly be showing some of the matches here at The Q. 

Copa America - the Copa America begins on the 14th of June and runs until July 7th. We'll be showing some of the matches, so maybe now is the time to buy your Colombia jersey so you won't feel left out!

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