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Sidewalk Seating is Awesome!

Good morning friends! Did you know that sitting outside to eat or have a few drinks is something that people in other countries do regularly? Apparently that's true, and the overlords of NYC heard this from someone who traveled somewhere and told them about it, so they decided to experiment a little with it, and would you believe that it really is very cool?  We here at The Q aren't shy about trying new things if they look like they won't hurt you, so we've launched ourselves enthusiastically into this new way of life and we are loving it so far!  Since we were given such short notice we didn't have time to prepare for it properly, but we're making the best of it and we think that so far it's looking pretty sweet and we're excited for you to come check it out.  We even have a new ordering system where you can scan a QR code on your table, and order and pay for everything right then and there. It's safe, it's fast and it works - we like it. Please come and say hi whenever you can, we'd love to see you! Family meal pickup times are now 5pm onward. If you want delivery we can still do that between 5-6.

Today's Family Meal - Pork Tonnato!

Thinly sliced pork loin, dressed with a preserved tuna mayonnaise.  Garnishes include celery, radish, new potatoes, asparagus & watercress. Please note, pickup is from 5pm onward, and delivery is from 5-6.


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