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Reservations are good for everyone!

Dear friends and neighbors, we want to make your Queensboro experience go as smoothly as possible, so we'd like to talk a little about how our reservations system works.

We recently signed up with Resy to help us run the restaurant on the days and nights when it's busy and it has become a very helpful tool. This allows us to manage how and when we seat people, which in turn reduces wait times for you - our customers.

Resy is free to use, and it has a very easy setup if you don't have an account. You may already have one - a lot of restaurants use it so you might have signed up with them in the past which will make the reservation process even faster.

While we are a large restaurant that can accommodate big groups who walk in, it would be even better for everyone involved if we know when you are going to come in for brunch or dinner. Of course not everything can be planned for and we don't expect that, but everyone would like to avoid angry pitchfork-carrying mobs waiting for a table!

So we humbly ask that whenever possible you book your table before coming and that way you can stroll over secure in the knowledge that your table will be ready for you when you arrive.

Nobody wants an angry mob!

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