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Rally this Morning for Open Streets - Family Meal: Misoyaki Chicken!

Good morning friends! If you're reading this early enough, you're still in time to hurriedly get ready and go out to join a rally at PS 149 in support of keeping 34th Avenue permanently open to pedestrians!

TODAY - Rally: 10:30AM In front of PS 149, 34th Ave at 93rd St

As you probably know, keeping cars off 34th Avenue over the past few months has been an enormous success for the community - so many people have been usimg it at all times of day and in so many ways. It's rapidly become very popular and it would be absolutely wonderful if city officials - in their infinite wisdom - were to make it permanently closed to cars. So hurry and put on your best rally outfit before it's too late, and let's go make our voices heard!

High Road Kitchens!

You probably know about the project that we have with High Road Kitchens to provide a number of free meals to anyone who needs them. There's a lot more to them than this, and we wanted to make sure that word got out about what they're trying to achieve. In short, when we signed on to provide the meals it was part of a larger effort to try and fix some of the problems that the service industry has been struggling with for a long time. They are working towards building a more equitable service industry, and as partners with them, we at The Q are committing to help them achieve this. In their words: COVID-19 has revealed some of the deep inequities of the service sector that required change before the crisis: race, gender, occupational and wage inequities that have made the industry unsustainable for most. High Road Kitchens presents the opportunity to build a new, more equitable, sustainable industry for all. The program provides a combination of public and private dollars to restaurant owners who commit to ensuring livable wages and increased equity for their employees when the industry is fully re-opened in 2021. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on almost everyone's livelihood, but it has also given us an opportunity to try and solve some of our problems. We are looking forward to continuing our work with HRK and all of our elected officials to ensure that the future is better for everyone in the service industry.

Today's Family Meal - Misoyaki Chicken!

For today's family meal we are traveling to Japan and back in the blink of an eye! Take a look below to see what we've cooked up, it's really something special, and it's mostly gluten-free! Roasted spicy sesame sweet potatoes with maple aioli and seaweed. (gluten-free) Broiled Misoyaki chicken marinated in sake, miso and gluten-free soy sauce, with steamed rice and gingered sesame green beans (gluten-free) Matcha cheesecake - green tea infused confection Please note, pickup is from 5pm onward, and delivery is from 5-6.

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