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Queensboro Care Packages!

Pick Up On Saturday 1-3PM

HelloThis here is one of our care packages, a pre-packaged box of staples for your home kitchen.

In normal times you might just pop out to the store for a pack of beans or some eggs, but these are not normal times. The Q Care Package isn’t meant to replace your grocery store trip, but we hope it will give some of you a convenient option to space those trips out a little more.

Every time we do it we switch up some of the items, this batch of care packages includes: eggs, milk, salad greens, asparagus, green beans, cheese, carrots, bacon, granola, sliced bread, lentils, pasta.

Order in advance, pay online and then show up during the designated window to pick up. Your box will be waiting with your name on it - just grab and go.

This is a one size fits all for $50.

Add Ons

You can add some other items to your order if you wish. Right now we're offering a 4lb uncooked whole chicken from Bell & Evans.

A quick note: Our online ordering system is a little limited, so it doesn't let us schedule orders in advance the way we need this to work, so it will seem as if you're ordering for right now, but please ignore that and come pick up on Wednesday at your allotted time between 1-3PM


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