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Our Sunday Suppers, and a wee whisky tasting event...

We've been making plans, scheduling things, organizing ourselves, and one of the results of all of that hard work is that we have all the details for this month's Sunday Suppers! Now you can decide which of these to attend, assuming you cannot attend them all, of course.

Our Sunday Suppers are all priced at $45, unless otherwise noted, and you'll be able to feed a family of four or so, or a handful of adults.

Looking ahead we have fried chicken on the 12th, lasagna on the 19th, and steamed fish on the 26th to celebrate the Chinese new year!

If you're thinking of going to any of these, you should make a reservation and let us know in the notes that you'd like the Sunday Supper so we can plan accordingly.

What was that about Whisky?

Ah yes, whisky without an 'e', which everybody knows means that it is not Irish or American whiskey, which means that what we're talking about is most likely the Scottish stuff (although the Japanese and Canadian distillers also spell it without that 'e'), which is complex and challenging and delicious, with an ancient heritage, whose name literally means "the water of life", which probably makes it the finest drink on earth.

We said "probably" because we don't want to start any fights, although grammarians should probably fight us because of the above paragraph.

On Thursday January 16th join us for a Whisky Tasting at 7PM. We'll be sampling four single malts, the Glenfiddich 12, 15, 18 and 21!

This is our first time doing this, so we're offering it at a super low price of $20, and seating is very limited so we're asking you to make a reservation, and if you book it but cannot make it please let us know in advance so we can make other arrangements.

Important: To reserve it, go here and make sure that it's trying to make a reservation for 1 person, which will make the 7PM "Scotch tasting" option show up. If you don't see that (if it only shows "dining room") then that means you're trying to book for more than 1 person, or that it's sold out. Don't despair, we will do this again!

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