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Order your New Year's Eve Meal!

Can you sense it, folks? There's a feeling in the air as this difficult year draws to an end, a feeling of excitement and - dare we say it? - hope that the new year will bring better things! We here at The Q are nothing if not optimistic so we're looking to celebrate the arrival of 2021 as much as everyone else, if not more. To help with this we've prepared a very tasty range of dishes for you to pick up either on Thursday or Friday. Quantities are limited for some of the items so it is a good idea to get your order in early. You'll be able to pick up on either day from 2-5pm - when ordering, ignore the silly message saying it's for today.

New Year Delights!

Click here to see the entire menu, but if you're interested in some sneak peeks read on! If you want to add any drinks to your order feel free to check out the Q Pantry menu where all of our to-go drinks live, we have some great cocktails, beers and wines! Some of the appetizers we're preparing are platters of charcuterie with some delicious salamis and ham. We've got a smoked fish platter that's great for New Year's Eve or the next morning, and what goes better with that than a bottle of our cava? Lots of vegetarian options too, like our quiche primavera, and a truffled mac & cheese that hits all the right notes (which you can order without the truffles if you prefer it that way), vegetable dumplings, and more! Our main courses range from a crown rack of lamb garnished with couscous to a whole stuffed squash, or half pan of roasted beef & Yorkshire pudding. Look for the suggested wine pairings on some of these if you want to kick it up a notch! And of course we didn't neglect the desserts section, where baked Alaska and a flour-less fallen chocolate cake make an appearance. Did someone say Fried Chicken? Yes, you can get some of that too - but only on New Year's Day, which is quite the perfect day for fried chicken, so save some room for that on Friday!

Pickup from 2-5PM on the 31st or the 1st!


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