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Music Tomorrow & Saturday!

Hi friends, we're very excited to have two bands play this week! The first performance will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:30PM. Local superstar Evan Schwam and his guitarist pal Kris Kreiser will be playing some jazz for us all. Evan Schwam was a member of NEA Jazz Master Chico Hamilton’s Euphoria band for 14 years, during which they recorded 10 CD’s that feature his compositions and arrangements. He can play several instruments very well and his past gig here was a big hit with everybody.  They will play a couple of sets while you have dinner, or you can hang out at the bar if you prefer that. Make a reservation now!

And E3 on Saturday... Here at The Q we are big fans of kids becoming rock stars but also doing their homework so we're thrilled to have E3 perform on Saturday at 3:30PM! These four Jackson Heights natives are all great students who are also great musicians, so we're proud to have them play here, where they'll bust out a wide range of covers and original songs!  The band's members ages are from 11 to 14 years old and include Ezra (drums), Eliott (piano), Emma (guitar) and Eliana (vocals). If you're around you should definitely stop by to hear them play, they are quite fantastic!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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