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Music on Thursday

Hello! See further below for information on this week's "Brunch Without Kids" event on Saturday, but first let's talk a little about how thrilled we are for Thursday's music!

One of the great things about being a restaurant in a neighborhood like ours is the amount and variety of talent that we can use for our music nights. There are so many wonderful musicians who live in or around Jackson Heights, and it's truly a pleasure to be able to offer them one more venue where they can share their talents.

On that note, this Thursday at 8:30 please stop by to hear Wendy Wills and Chris Lovasz perform as Wills & Lovasz! Wendy has a long career as a musician and singer and she's a dear friend of us at The Queensboro so we're really looking forward to this one!

They'll be playing rock, blues, jazz, pop and originals, and it might be good to book a table for this event!


Brunch Without Kids, Singalong and Storytime - Saturday 10AM!

If you book a table for Saturday at 10AM you'll be able to enjoy a kid-free brunch while your kids rock out with Suzanna and her guitar, shakers, scarves, puppets, and hands on instruments. This interactive concert will get everyone dancing and singing along to old favorites, kid friendly pop music, and fun originals.

Learn more about Suzanna (and husband 'Mr Andy') at

Let us know in your reservation notes if you want to book any kids for this, at $20/child.

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