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Many Upcoming Events!

Dear friends and neighbors, we have so many things happening at The Queensboro, we're bursting with excitement!

First of all, we hope that everyone is enjoying Annabelle Popa's gorgeous art that is on the walls of the restaurant. Our eternal gratitude to Helen Quinn for allowing us to feature her work for so long. If you're interested in purchasing any of Annabelle's work, or one of her prints check out her website and see what strikes your fancy!

Our Beer & Cheese tasting with Stand Alone Cheese is taking place tomorrow, and - as careful readers of our messages will know - it is sold out! This encouraged us to add another night of Beer & Cheese on the following Tuesday!

So join us on Tuesday October 1st at 8:30PM to check out 5 beers and 5 cheeses with Steffen from Stand Alone Cheese. When you make a reservation, be sure to say "CHEESE" in the notes to let us know you're booking for this event!


Ed Fuqua & Jim Hershman Perform on Thursday

We've said it before and it bears repeating - when Ed and Jim play together, musical sparks fly! These guys are some of the best around, we consider ourselves to be lucky that they play at The Q, if you haven't heard them before you really owe it to yourself to come and check them out.

Sadly, Ed is leaving us for a land that isn't accessible by subway (somewhere in the blurry expanses west of the Hudson) and this might be his final performance at The Q! We hope to sneak in one more show but we can't make any promises so please come by and say hi and hear him and Jim play, it truly is some of the most beautiful music around.

Reward yourself and make a reservation.



Everybody knows that Oktoberfest starts in September (actually we had no idea!), so last weekend we were more than ready to start serving liter steins of a gorgeous Oktoberfest beer from Jack's Abbey, and some of the most delicious bratwurst in pretzel bread with sauerkraut, double mustard, and Swiss cheese we've ever tasted! Oktoberfest continues for another 2 weeks or so, which gives you plenty of time to swing by and enjoy some proper German delights! The mug in the above photograph is about a foot tall, which gives you an idea of the size of the dish next to it. Not insubstantial!



Do you remember Saint Patrick's day weekend? We often don't, but this year we do because we were lucky enough to have The Prodigals perform at The Q, and they were so much fun we're excited to welcome them back this coming weekend!

On Saturday at 3:30PM get ready to rock out to some awesome Irish music at The Queensboro. They've been described as "What the Ramones might have sounded like if they’d taken traditional Irish music as their starting point" - which sounds pretty cool to us!

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