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Jazz Tomorrow, The Prodigals on Saturday!

Friends! Please come tomorrow to check out Jim Hershman's first performance at The Q. He will be playing with Ed Fuqua who has been with us before, and we're looking forward to hearing this dynamic duo bring their magic on Thursday.

St. Patrick's Day Weekend...

Three days to go...

The Prodigals at 4PM on Saturday

Here at the Q we believe that everyone is a little bit Irish all year round, so we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day this Saturday at 4PM with The Prodigals!

They are one of NYC's seminal Irish-American bands that have described as "New York's answer to The Pogues". They'll be rocking out at 4PM and we'll be serving some appropriately Irish dishes for you to enjoy.

It might be a good idea to book a seat for this one!

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