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It's Saturday and We Have Plans!

Good morning friends and neighbors, we hope that you are well. We at The Q like to celebrate our Saturdays and we are leaning towards declaring it the best day of the week! Today we have a wonderful Beef Stroganoff for your Family Meal for tonight, and our Care Packages are back as well, to pick up between 1-3PM. We have some really nice extras, like a veggie chili, or spiced sweet potatoes and if you fancy something on the sweeter side, our Boston Cream Pie should do the trick! It being Saturday, it's probably a good time to think about our range of cocktails that you can get to go, or have delivered. If you feel like relaxing somewhere outdoors with a civilized drink, most of them just need a cup and a bit of ice, and we can provide both. Our beer selection has expanded as well - see below for details on our new Craft Packs of local beers!

Family Meal - Beef Stroganoff

Creamy horseradish beets and cucumbers Beef Stroganoff - Braised beef with mushrooms, buttered egg noodles Brownie Sundae – gluten-free brownie with Adirondack Ice Cream This meal is gluten-free except for the egg noodles which can be removed or put on the side, so let us know if you'd like that.


More Food!

Were you looking for some eggplant Parmesan? We have you covered! Maybe a veggie chili? Or spicy sweet potatoes with sesame maple aioli & seaweed? Sounds good, right? Check out our menu below for these and more!

Beer! We've put together a sixpack of beer for you to try! These "craft packs" are from local (Queens) breweries and they are absolutely wonderful! We pick three breweries and a beer from each, and give you two of each one for you to try! Why two? Because when you drink a good beer, you want another good beer right afterwards and there's nothing more disappointing than running out of good beer. You could always share the second can as well, if you really have to. Craft Pack of 6 16oz Cans Alewife - Distraction IPA Finback - Finback IPA Big Alice - BQX Double IPA

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