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It's Finally Tuesday!

Good morning friends! Are you well? As longtime readers will know, we usually start our weeks on Tuesdays, so we hope that you had a nice weekend. We certainly did, it was full of excitement and adventure and all of the good things in life, and we were able to work on improving our outdoor seating area as well to make it even nicer!

For our hours this week we'll be serving food from 5-9 every day, although if you want to stop by and enjoy a drink you can certainly do so after 3pm once our amazing bartenders have arrived and set everything up.

And for this weekend there are rumors of brunch making an appearance! When was the last time you sat outdoors and had brunch? Pretty much a million years ago, right? Well, get ready for it, we will give you more details very soon!

Also, don't let a little rain stop you from coming out, we have some big canopies and umbrellas that you can take shelter under while you sip a drink and thumb your nose at the thunderstorms.

On top of all that we are still offering our family meals for pickup and delivery, as well as few other items, so check out our takeout menu below to see if anything strikes your fancy!

You can pick up after 5pm, and expect delivery around then as well.

Today's Family Meal - Fresh Fish!

We have two fish meals for you to choose from today, are you team flounder or team swordfish? Flounder are pretty awesome, they're experts at camouflaging themselves, and they're half as wide as they are long, but swordfish have a sword... it's a tough call!

Take your pick of either:

Rice crusted flounder with watermelon curry


Grilled swordfish with ratatouille

Both of today's meals will go really nicely with a bottle of our Le Mont Sauvignon Blanc, or if you're in the mood for some beer the crisp saison that we carry from Fifth Hammer will complement it very well!

Please note, pickup is from 5pm onward, and delivery is from 5-6.


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