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Hosting Tanabel & Queens Dinner Club on May 6th

The Queensboro will be hosting on May 6th at 7pm

Dear friends and neighbors, we hope you are all well.

One of the reasons we started closing on Mondays is because we felt that it would give us opportunities to try things that wouldn’t be possible during a regular evening. So we are very happy that on May 6th Tanabel along with The Queens Dinner Club will be hosting a dinner at The Queensboro at 7PM. This will be a Syrian Iftar dinner, on the first day of Ramadan, celebrating the cuisine of Syria.

Tanabel is an organization that employs refugee women with exceptional talent in the kitchen. We’re looking forward to working with them and trying out their food! The cost per person is $70 inclusive of service (drinks will be extra) and the menu for the night is below.

You can buy your tickets for this event right here!


To welcome:

Sharab al tamarhindi wa ward

A fast-breaking drink of tamarind rose iced tea sweetened with date molasses

To begin:

Zaitoun baiti

House-cured rose olives with za’atar, chili & citrus

Mukhallal lift

Turnip & beet pickles

Moutabal batinjan

Smoky eggplant & tahini dip

Labneh bil limoun

Strained yogurt with preserved lemon, nigella seed & mint


Vegetarian stuffed grape leaves


Croquettes stuffed with spiced beef & walnuts and served with a red pepper & pomegranate sauce

Mazza served with homemade flatbread and spring things

To continue:

Fakhdeh bi freek wa ful akhdar

Slow-roasted lamb served over smoked green wheat pilaf with fresh fava beans & fried nuts

Salatet rabi’iyeh

Salad of spring greens & herbs with a sumac & pomegranate dressing

To end:


Crispy filo pastry stuffed with sweet cheese & drenched with orange flower syrup

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