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Happy Tuesday!

Dear friends and neighbors, whether you're in Jackson Heights or have managed to get out of town, we hope that you are all keeping well. We here at The Q are doing just fine thanks, and we're ready to start the week with this lovely Tuesday! When we say "lovely", we are also keeping an eye on the weather forecast which seems to be following a pattern of "hot, rain, thunder, clear, hot, rainbow, thunder, fireworks, rain, clear, lightning, golf-balls-sized hail, sun" in no particular order. This drives us a little crazy, but we have umbrellas, we have canopies and we also have a little bit of Jackson Heights Strong so we're not worried about very much at all! Today's Family Meal - Fresh Fish!

We have two sizzling fresh fish dishes today for your family meal, from American Pride seafood at our Greenmarket. These guys fish locally, they fish sustainably and they catch some of the best fish around. Both of today's dishes would go wonderfully with either our Lemongrass Kolsch from Big Alice, or our lovely Le Mont Sauvignon Blanc. Today you can choose from the following (or you could get both if you have a lot of mouths to feed!) - Grilled swordfish with ratatouille and panisse Potato crusted Cod with new potatoes and green garlic Please note, pickup is from 5pm onward, and delivery is from 5-6.


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