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Family Meal - Roasted Cod Edition!

Good morning! It's Tuesday so it's the start of another week! We here at The Q start our weeks on Tuesday in the hope that the days will go by faster and we'll return back to the way things were before that much sooner. Does it work? We'll see! This week we're going to be adding more items to our menus, both food and drinks, so keep your eyes peeled for our notices about that. We've also been busy working with Queens Together, World Central Kitchen and the Covid Care Neighborhood Network. We have provided meals for hundreds of hospital workers in Queens and the Bronx, and we've also helped prepare big bags of groceries for our neighbors who are having trouble being able to afford food these days. This is all thanks to the donations we have received, and the various fundraisers that we've held, thank you to everybody who has donated and participated - you have had a direct impact on making this current situation a little better for a lot of people.

Family Meal - Roasted Cod

Strawberry mozzarella cheese salad Roasted cod with chorizo-kale sauce (can be made without chorizo) Banana pudding with ladyfingers This meal is gluten-free except for the dessert.


More Food!

We have some brandade de morue that we've just made and it is absolutely delicious. There is also some Beef Stroganoff in a handy entree-sized portion, and we have some desserts to supplement any of your meals.

Do you like hot sauce? Our house-made hot sauce is spicy but it packs so much flavor into it that you'll end up welcoming the sting in order to taste some more.

Check out our menu below for these and more!



We've put together a sixpack of beer for you to try! These "craft packs" are from local (Queens) breweries and they are absolutely wonderful! We pick three breweries and a beer from each, and give you two of each one for you to try! Why two? Because when you drink a good beer, you want another good beer right afterwards and there's nothing more disappointing than running out of good beer. You could always share the second can as well, if you really have to. We have the following pack available: Craft Pack of 6 16oz Cans Alewife - Distraction IPA Finback - Finback IPA Big Alice - BQX Double IPA

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