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Family Meal - Roast Beef Edition!

Hello and happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend, which for most people means - well, not very much these days, right? But still, it's nice to try to keep some of the old routines alive, such as enjoying a cocktail on Thursdays. That was a routine, wasn't it? We do have many cocktails if you want one today. You can get a single serving, or a pint which works out to about 4 servings. They are good to go, just add ice in some cases and that's it! We have some that pair really well with today's meal, which is: Asparagus Vinaigrette Medium-rare roast beef, scalloped potatoes, horseradish cream Flan A great cocktail with this dish is our Q Manhattan, stirred to perfection! And if you're looking for a wine, the Negroamaro Salentino is a great choice. The Queensboro family meals cost $50, and feed 2-3 adults, or a family of 4 or 5. Maybe 6.



We have some great soups to supplement your meal! Clam Chowder - $14/quart Cream of Asparagus - $14/quart Caldo Verde - with chorizo, potatoes, kale $12/quart

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