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Family Meal - Misoyaki Salmon Edition!

Good morning! We hope that you're doing well and that your day is turning out well. It should be, Thursday is pretty much Friday, these days.

Speaking of which, did you feast your eyes on the cocktails-to-go in the attached picture? Those are just a few of the drinks that we have available, and in case you didn't know, you can actually order them to go pretty much any time the fancy strikes you on most days. No need to wait for the 4-6pm window, and that goes for our other drinks, and much of our prepared food as well. Freedom to choose!

Besides our delicious Hawaiian/Japanese style family meal today, we've got some lovely house-made bolognese sauce, our eggplant Parmesan, and much more! Take a look at our menu by clicking the button below.


Today's Family Meal - Misoyaki Salmon

Kakiage tempura - Lacy mixed vegetable fritters with dipping sauce

Misoyaki salmon with zarusoba - cold buckwheat noodles seasoned with julienne vegetables, wasabi, seaweed & sesame.

Chocolate-banana croissant pudding with whiskey sauce

Our family meals will feed a handful of adults, or a family of 4-5.

Today's meal is not gluten-free.


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