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Family Meal: Meatloaf Edition!

Dear friends, we hope that all is well with you. Have you been enjoying the fine outdoors drinks and dining in the neighborhood? We here at The Q are big fans of all of this roadside and sidewalk seating, we feel it's a wonderful thing that adds vibrancy and a feeling of community to our streets. We're happy that the city has allowed restaurants and bars to do this, and we truly hope that they will make it easier and cheaper for businesses to continue to do this, even after the pandemic is over. However, the city's ways are mysterious sometimes, and although we understand that their infinitely wise methods can sometimes seem opaque to mortals, we also feel that perhaps a little prod or encouragement from us does tend to nudge them in the right direction. So, if you have some time and you agree with the above, do you think you could send a little note to our local elected officials expressing your support for the continuation of free (or cheaper) sidewalk and roadside seating? We'd be super grateful for this and it might even end in a positive result for everyone! Our city council member Danny Dromm is already on our side, but the more he hears from us, the more likely he is to push harder for this. You can send an email directly to him over here and you could say something short and sweet along the lines of (feel free to edit): Dear Council Member Dromm, I am a resident of Jackson Heights writing to express my support for the continuation of free permits for sidewalk and roadside seating for food and drink establishments in NYC. Thank you!


Did you know that we have a sides menu that you can choose to order from, not only to supplement our entrées, but also to make an entire meal out of if you choose? They're flexible and versatile so you can even just have one or two while you enjoy a drink, or to accompany any other dish. Kind of like tapas, except that they're not tapas, they are Q Sides! There are many options, and we've been adding some new ones. Sometimes - like today - they'll feature in the family meal so you can get a taste of what they're like. Take a look at the cucumber salad below for an example!


Today's Family Meal - Meatloaf!

Today's family meal is a favorite for many, so if you're interested in it you should probably order it early as it may sell out! Creamy cucumber salad - buttermilk, dill and cucumbers BBQ sauce glazed meatloaf with new potatoes and corn Peach tarte tatin - turn this upside down when you serve it! Please note, pickup is from 5pm onward, and delivery is from 5-6.


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