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Family Meal - Fried Chicken Edition!

Good morning neighbors! Is it Friday already? Isn't that something! Surely a perfect time to remind you that you can get most of our drinks to go pretty much any time, most days - just order online or call to let us know and we can have them ready for you in a few minutes!

The same goes for most of our food, we can have most of our dishes available for whenever the fancy strikes you.

And speaking of fancies striking all over the place, today's family meal is Fried Chicken!

This is a popular dish, so if you're interested in it you should strike the fancy while the iron is hot... we're sorry, that was awful. If you want fried chicken you should order it early, is all we're saying!

If you fancy something else, maybe our eggplant Parmesan fits the bill? Staying on the vegetarian theme, our "Beyond meat"balls are delicious, if you haven't tried Beyond Meat yet, here is your chance!


Today's Family Meal - Fried Chicken Watermelon & corn salad: watercress and pickled watermelon rind Sides: Green bean salad, macaroni salad, cornbread, collard greens & bacon Fried chicken: chicken coated with flour, cornstarch, spices Brownies with caramelized white chocolate (gluten-free) Our family meals will feed a handful of adults, or a family of 4-5.

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