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Family Meal - Blanquette de Veau Edition!

Bonjour! That's French for "good day", and we know this because we at The Q have been working hard to improve our knowledge of the French language. Should someone who is standing to the right of a train station ask us where the station is, we will be able to tell them that it is to their left. Unfortunately if they're standing on the other side they'll have to make four lefts in order to get there since we're still learning.

Luckily you don't need to understand French to appreciate that Veal Stew is delicious in any language, so that's our family meal for today!

See below for information on that and the other food we're offering today. We also urge you all to check out the virtual wine tasting on Friday at 7, and if you're feeling creative would you like to name our hot sauce? Read on mon cher!

Family Meal - Blanquette de Veau

Brandade de morue - whipped creamy garlicky salt cod spread on a grilled baguette (can be served with the bread on the side) Blanquette de Veau - white stew of veal, spring vegetables & new potatoes (gluten-free) Lemon cake


More Food!

We have some smaller options available, including some eggplant parmesan, vegetable chili, shepherd's pie, and more! Check our menu for details.

Competition: Name our Hot Sauce!

If you've ever tasted Chef Tony's hot sauce you know just how good it is. Spicy, and challenging, and so tasty you'll want more of it once the fire calms down. This version has a blend of scotch bonnet, cherry pepper and Trinidad scorpion peppers in it. Hot sauces traditionally have fun and wacky names, but we can't think of one, so we're turning to you! Can you come up with a name for it? It should have something to do with Jackson Heights, or maybe be Queens-based. If you have any ideas, send them our way and we'll pick the best one! The winner will receive a free bottle of hot sauce! Our team of lawyers advised us to say the following: The name won't last forever since we'll be making a new batch at some point and it'll have different ingredients so the new version will require a different name.

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