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Delivery & Pickup

Hello friends and neighbors, we truly hope that you are doing as well as possible. Everything has been turned upside down, hasn't it?

Having to close our doors to dine-in customers is a huge blow to all the restaurants in the city, large or small. We are going to fight to make it through this, and make sure that when it's over we will be there with a smile, ready to pour you a glass of rosé - perfect for the Spring weather, we're not too far away - or house-made lemonade, and put down a plate of something tasty for you to enjoy.

Until then, we will be providing delivery and pickup, and working hard to keep The Q humming with activity.

Delivery and Pickup

Available all week, from 11:30AM to 9PM, and 10AM to 9PM on weekends.

There will be brunch on weekends. Brunch!

Our menu is here.

To order for delivery or pickup, call 929 296 0038

To order online for delivery, click here.

Saint Paddy's Day!

Despite everything, we're going to do our best to celebrate Saint Paddy's Day!

At 5PM, you'll be able to pick up a family portion of our corned beef & cabbage, or have it delivered to your home!

Would you care for a traditional glass of stout with your meal? We can do that too, see below!

You know the drill, call or order online and we'll take care of it, and you.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

We Can Deliver Booze

Help us empty out our beer kegs - we will fill your growlers at The Q, for a low low price. Don't have a growler? We'll give you a mason jar filled with a quart of fresh draft beer for $12, just bring the jar back sometime please because we like them.

Don't want to leave your home, but you still want some great beer? We will deliver those mason jars of beer to you! This will be available very soon.

Don't love beer? We - sort of - understand, and we're super excited that we will be able to provide bottles of wine for takeout and delivery very soon as well!

Not a huge fan of wine? Not a problem because we are also working on having some of our cocktails delivered to you, or picked up!

In other words, if you want to drink some good stuff, soon you won't have an excuse not to.

You're welcome!

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