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Day 5, Still Here and Still Calm

Dear neighbors, we hope that you and your families are well.

The most important thing for us at this time is to make sure that we all stay healthy - our staff, us, and you, so we are doubling down on our sanitation routines and we are improving our delivery/pickup flow. If you come to pick up your order you'll notice some changes, most importantly: you'll be able to get your order and leave without having to get close to anybody else.

Before we get into what we're offering today please take a look at the below notice and pass it along to anybody who could use it.

Assemblymember Cruz has been working very hard to make meals available to anyone who needs them. Distribution takes place in the two locations below between 12-3PM, to sign up call 718-458-5367.

Today's Specials

Do you want one meal to feed your family and keep your workload at home down to a reasonable level? Check out our lamb stew, and our Beef Bourguignon - they're a great deal that we hope you'll enjoy.We are adding more bottles of wine to our pickup and delivery options, so be sure to take a close look at our menu to see if something strikes your fancy!

A Stern Note about Booze

Folks, this is very serious. We have gotten word that some people are taking advantage of two things: the gorgeous weather and the new - temporary - policy of the NYPD to not issue summonses for minor infractions, and they are enjoying a beer, or a delicious cocktail in some of our parks!

Sure they might be doing this in a discreet and completely respectful manner, but we here at The Q frown upon these activities and do not, under any circumstances, condone them.

We will not say any more about this matter.

A side note - if you're ordering cocktails to go, and you'd like some ice for whatever reason, and some paper cups for whatever reason, please let us know.

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