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Brunch Hours, and Fried Chicken Today!

Dear friends, we hope that you're well. Today is Friday, which is always a nice thing - so if you're interested in any of our cocktails, beer, wine or perhaps some of our FROZÉ you might want to get your orders in early! You Jackson Heightsonians lucky enough to be dining with us last night were treated to a particularly lovely sunset, we will do our best to keep them coming while we all enjoy this outdoor seating bonanza that we're living through. Brunch Hours! On the topic of outdoors, how nice will it be to eat brunch while comfortably sitting outside? We're looking forward to the start of our brunch service, and we hope that you are too! This weekend we will open at 12pm on Saturday, and 10am on Sunday. Brunch will run until 3pm or so, and remember that you can make reservations, so if you're interested go ahead and do that now! Today's Family Meal - Fried Chicken!

Today if you order our family meal you will get the following: Fried chicken Cornbread Black eyed pea salad Apple-rhubarb crumble Beer tends to go really well with fried chicken so we'd recommend a new West Coast style IPA called Relative Clarity from Fifth Hammer that's crisp and dry and quite delicious! If you're into something a little lighter, Big Alice's Lemongrass Kolsch will fit the bill. Please note, pickup is from 5pm onward, and delivery is from 5-6.


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