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A Somewhat Important Message from The Q

Friends! Will you give us a few moments of your time? We're feeling thankful after our Thanksgiving weekend, so we thought we'd share some of our good cheer.

This year has been extremely difficult for everyone in the service industry. The challenges we faced have made it hard to keep our doors open and the ovens on, but we've made it this far and it is all thanks to you!

To all of you who have joined us for brunch or dinner, inside or outside, and those of you who have ordered from us, from our regular menu or our family meals, and all of you who ordered Thanksgiving food from us, or joined us on Thanksgiving day to dine here, we want to say thank you.

And those who have sent us messages of support or take the time to let us know that you appreciate us, we hear you, and it really helps.

We are grateful for all of you, and regardless of what the future holds we feel lucky for all of the support we've received so far, so thank you very very much for everything you've done!

We're not the only restaurant going through tough times. We are actually luckier than so many other places that have had to close their doors permanently.

So many jobs lost, so many community spaces gone, so many unique meals never to be made again.

Hopefully we and the remaining restaurants will be able to avoid their fate, but we'll need help.

"So how can I help the Queensboro?"

Great question! And it can be answered pretty easily. Keep coming to The Q and other restaurants. Dining out is especially helpful to us, and remember that we have both indoor and heated outdoor seating! Order delivery or takeout. Our family meals during the week are a big hit, but remember that you can always order anything from our regular menu during our opening hours, for pickup or to have delivered to your home. Get drinks from us. Don't forget our drinks! You can fill up your growler here with delicious fresh draft beer, you can buy cans, cocktails, bottles of wine, and soft drinks! Make a reservation! This coming Winter looks like it will be really difficult for all restaurants, we've already had to close early on some nights because of lack of business. We simply cannot afford to keep our staff standing around idle if there are no customers, so we have been shutting down earlier on nights where it looks like it will be quiet. If you do plan on coming out, even if it's just for a quick bite and some drinks, please let us know! Either make a reservation or call to give us a heads up. Buy gift cards! For yourself, your children's' teachers, your friends, even your enemies! We'll honor them all. For our part, we will keep doing what we do. With your help we will get through this, so let's see what other fun surprises the rest of the year brings us! Once again, thank you and thanks for reading this!

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