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$10 Pizza Today For Mets Fans!

Come Watch the All Star Game with us at 7:30!

Mets fans rejoice! After Pete Alonso's win yesterday in the Home Rub Derby he'll be fired up to play alongside his colleagues Jacob DeGrom and Jeff McNeil tonight at 7:30, and we are so fired up about this that we're going to be offering $10 pizzas all night to anyone wearing their Mets gear, so come by and say hi to us tonight!

You could also make a reservation to make sure you get a good seat.

Wino Wednesday Continues!

Everyone loves a cool glass of white or rosé on a summer day, but have you thought about switching it up with a chilled summer red wine? Cooler temperatures accentuate the wine’s natural fruit profile while tamping down the alcohol. It's perfect with pizza or grilled meats or just to quaff with some small nibbles, all while keeping your cool.

We’re pouring a lovely Dolcetto with a nice chill this summer at The Queensboro and on Wino Wednesday this week, we’ll be offering it will a cool price tag as well - $6 a glass all night long. Its a chance to try something new and maybe put a different tint on your summer wine drinking.


Jazz on Thursday and Sunday!

We are looking forward to more excellent jazz this week with two big events!

First, consider joining us on Thursday at 8PM to check out the Jon Menges Trio bring it with some fantastic jazz tunes for a couple of sets. We're delighted to have them play with us again.

Then, on Sunday, we will close out the Jackson Heights Jazz Festival with a performance by The Ed Fuqua Trio at 8PM! We could say that it's worth coming for this just to see Ed's gorgeous custom bass but that wouldn't do justice to the talent that he brings to the table.

This is some of the finest jazz around folks, we highly recommend going to the Vanessa Rubin Travers Park concert at 6PM for a taste of some outdoors music before coming to The Q to finish the festival off with a bang. You won't be disappointed, but if you don't make a reservation you might, so why not go ahead and do that now?

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